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YearProjectWork typeDescriptionCompany
2021National transmission gridManual creationCreation of a power losses guide manualMercados Aries International
2020National transmission gridCourse trainingInternational training in power losses, study philosophy and results oriented methodology.Mercados Aries International
2020National transmission gridPower flowPower losses study for the complete transmission grid.Mercados Aries International
2019-2020Sol de SonoraPower flow - Power quality - ProtectionsPhotovoltaic farm, installed power 10MW. Power flow, harmonics and protections studies.Gransolar
2018-2020Ikakos 0, 1, 2 & 3Power flow - Stability - ManagementPhotovoltaic farm, installed power 40MW. Power flow and stability model creation. Power flow and stability studies. Contract management.Grupo Cobra
2018BluemexPower flow - reactive compensationPhotovoltaic farm, installed power 90MW. Power flow and reactive compensation studies.Gran Solar
2018CamargoPower flow - reactive compensationPhotovoltaic farm, installed power 25 MW. Power flow and reactive compensation studies.Ingeniea
2018LilyvalePower flow - Electromagnetics transientsPhotovoltaic farm, installed power 118MW. Power flow and insulation coordination studies.Ingeniea
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