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2022Singapore11th IEEE Innovation Smart Grid Technologies AsiaTechnical article presenterInertia Estimation for Interconnected Networks and its Application to the Uruguayan Power SystemSIE-FING
2020EEUUPSS/ETaken courseAdvanced model writing - Siemens course 720Siemens
2019ChinaRenewablesTaken courseRenewable energy utilization and development for developing countriesAUCI
2019ArgentinaATP/DrawTaken courseATP/Draw software - user approachSanta Fé university
2017ChinaRenewablesTaken courseSmall hydopower and sutainable developmentAUCI
2016EEUUPSS/ETaken courseDynamic simulation - Siemens course Siemens
2010ArgentinaPSS/ETaken coursePower flow simulation - Siemens course 525Siemens
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